Have you noticed small, spidery, purple lines appearing on your face or legs? If so, then you will know that these dilated blood vessels can cause real problems when it comes to your appearance. Although they are not harmful, these veins can be highly visible and can be difficult to conceal with everyday make-up products.

They may be caused by hormonal changes, exposure to sunlight, rosacea, genetics or other environmental or physical factors. Once there, they are unlikely to fade on their own, and will need a helping hand.

IPL can provide just that. When the intense pulses of light are applied to the affected area, the energy is absorbed by the haemoglobin in the blood inside the vessels. The blood begins to heat up, until it reaches a temperature that causes the cells lining the vessel walls to denature. The veins eventually collapse and disintegrate; from the surface, this is seen as the lines fade from view.

While the treatment cannot prevent new thread veins from appearing, it can nail those that do, restoring your skin to its unblemished best.