Repair sun-damaged skin

Posted on 07 Aug, 2011

We are now well into the summer season and we have all been enjoying the recent good weather. Even if you are not going abroad to warmer climes this year, it is important to remember to protect your skin during the summer months.

We all know the sun damages our skin, making it age prematurely and potentially causing cancer. It can cause wrinkles or pigmentation problems and make people look significantly older than they really are.

Damage prevention is imperative, but if you already have damaged skin, then there are treatments available. The Laser Treatment Clinic offers two types of sun-damaged skin treatment. The first, known as photo rejuvenation, uses light to diminish the superficial signs of damage: fine lines, sun damage, pigmentation (freckles, liver spots etc.) and thread veins.

The second type of treatment uses microdermabrasion to remove the damaged superficial layers of skin without damaging the newer layers underneath. A laser is then used to stimulate the regrowth of new skin cells and the production of collagen. Collagen provides a support structure to the skin and gives it elasticity. The result is fresh-looking and supple skin.

Sun-damaged skin treatment can help restore your skin and give you a more youthful appearance. Just make sure you keep it protected!