Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects the facial tissue of sufferers. It can cause real embarrassment for a number of reasons:

• It can begin to manifest itself as a tendency to flush or blush too easily and readily. This is impossible to control and can be difficult to manage in social situations.

• It can cause pimples and spots that can be mistaken for acne. As rosacea tends to appear after the age of thirty, the sudden development of spots on a previously clear complexion can cause frustration and concern.

• Rosacea can cause prominent thread veins to appear on the face. This, combined with the flushing, can lead some people to suspect excessive consumption of alcohol, which can be deeply uncomfortable for the person affected. This is made worse if the rosacea has caused the thickening of tissues on the nose, as it can take on a reddened and bulbous appearance, further contributing to speculation about alcohol consumption.

As a chronic skin condition, rosacea cannot be cured. Certain environmental conditions will trigger flare-ups, and these can be controlled in order to minimise symptoms. Rosacea treatment using IPL can also effectively reduce redness, thread veins, and improve the texture of the skin’s surface.