With winter now upon us once again, we can all look forward to colder temperatures and wintry weather. Unfortunately, the season we associate with rosy cheeks can play havoc with our complexions.

Exposure to cold, wind and rain can strip the skin of its natural moisture and leave it chapped and dry. Skin is also vulnerable inside, like central heating and dry atmospheres can have a similarly harmful effect on your skin.

Extra steps in your skincare routine along with skincare products that will help the skin to cope better can help your skin to maintain a healthy appearance despite the conditions.

If you suffer from rosacea, however, the change in weather can be catastrophic for your complexion. The extremes of temperature and harsh conditions can trigger outbreaks of rosacea that leave you looking like Santa.

Rosacea treatment can offer effective relief from the redness. IPL denatures the dilated blood vessels that lend the permanently flushed look, causing them to collapse and disintegrate.

While rosacea is a chronic skin condition, the symptoms can be managed and IPL permanently destroys the offending blood vessels, although others could eventually form in their place.