Safe laser treatment for darker skins

Posted on 12 Aug, 2011

Laser treatment can be riskier for darker skins, and any procedure should be approached with caution. The increased levels of melanin present in the skin can present problems. In the case of hair removal, the laser could be absorbed by both the skin and the hair, which could result in burns. It is always important to check that the clinic carrying out the treatment has a laser therapy specially designed for darker skin.

The Laser Clinic London has a new and safe laser treatment for black skin that has been designed specifically to deal with uneven skin tone and to improve the appearance of pigmentation scarring.

Pigmentation scarring can be caused by any damage to black skin: sun exposure, bites, cuts and scratches can all result in an over-production of melanin during the healing process which results in a darker scar.

A combination of non-invasive and safe procedures can be used to effectively reduce or remove pigmentation scarring, and to reveal smooth new skin beneath. Laser therapy is used in conjunction with microdermabrasion, and helps to stimulate the growth of skin cells and collagen.