Say goodbye to acne with laser treatment

Posted on 03 Jul, 2010

With people getting more body conscious, they are increasingly opting for different cosmetic corrections and surgeries. Celebrities going for a lip job or a nose job are common news today. Listed below are a few advantages of these types of treatments.

The advantages of laser treatment
Laser treatment offers a wide range of solutions in different areas such as unwanted hair removal, acne treatment, birthmark treatment and other skin damage treatment. Laser treatments are advantageous and they hardly have any drawbacks or side-effects. Laser treatments also considerably slow down the hair growth and also facilitate growth of very thin hair compared to thick, coarse hair.

Laser treatments are found to be quite effective at treating skin problems like acne. The procedures are now well established and result oriented. Different types of acne and blackheads, whiteheads and pimples can be treated by laser treatment.

The process
In a laser treatment, the surgeon will use a carbon dioxide laser to vaporise the upper layers of the skin, lifting them so that new skin is formed. The laser can be directed to any part of the skin and is a very accurate beam of energy which hits even the damaged areas of the skin.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy is applied to treat acne marks where pulses of laser light are used. Depending on the concentration of the scars, varied wavelengths of laser lights are used.

Today’s laser treatments for acne are far more advanced than those which were used in the past. The laser treatments of today penetrate the skin to wake up the hidden cells and then put them back into action in the process of rebuilding the skin texture. Once the procedure is completed, the damaged area again becomes effervescent and smooth. The texture quality of the skin is also enhanced after the treatment.

Today’s laser treatments have been thoroughly tested and given the green light by government bodies to be practiced by all qualified surgeons.