Say goodbye to unwanted hair with laser hair removal

Posted on 22 Jul, 2010

Unwanted hair is a problem many people face, and it can lead to lack of confidence. There are many solutions to these problems, such as waxing and hair removal creams, although these methods can cause damage to the skin, making it rough and dry. However, this can be easily solved with laser technology.

The science behind the treatment

The treatment uses a laser which targets the melanin found in each follicle of hair. The temperature of hair follicles is then raised to 65 to 70C which makes them rise from the surface of the skin. This procedure destroys the cells that are responsible for the production of hair. In this way, the hair is completely destroyed without damaging the upper layers of your skin.

The results

The results can usually be seen very quickly, and the hair on the area treated falls off naturally after the treatment. Noticeable changes can usually be seen after two to three laser hair removal sessions.

This method of hair removal is long-lasting and much safer than the majority of other hair removal methods.