You can now remove all your unwanted facial and body hair with a laser hair removal treatment in London. This process is relatively quick and painless.

Did you know that an average human has around 1,270,000 strands of hair? A lot of this is unwanted, which is why many people opt for laser hair removal. The main areas where women choose to remove hair are the face, underarms and bikini line. Men often want hair removed from their chest, back and shoulders.

Hair removal treatments such as waxing and shaving can be tedious and create a lot of mess and have to be carried out regularly. They can also cause ingrowing hairs and rashes.

Laser treatments are a safe, quick and usually permanent solution to get rid of unwanted hair.

Modern clinics use the latest laser equipment to carry out the treatment. The process involves focussing a beam of light on the area to be treated, and the treatment only affects the intended area.

Laser hair removal clinics in London are becoming more and more popular, and they offer effective treatments at affordable prices.