When it comes to scar removal treatments, the key to success is using a combination of professional treatments along with supporting home care products in order to achieve the best results. While professional treatments are the only way to guarantee a permanent improvement in the look of your scarring, it is vital that you support your clinic sessions with the right home care in order to support your skin as it heals.

Professional Scar Removal Treatments

Here at The Laser Treatment Clinic, our highly-skilled team of skin experts are qualified to perform a number of different scar removal treatments in order to tackle all scar types, in all areas.

One of our most popular treatments is Advanced Dermabrasion. This gentle yet effective treatment works by exfoliating away the uppers layers of damaged skin, which will not only improve the look of scarring by resurfacing the skin, but also promotes skin rejuvenation, which can help restore a more supple look to the skin.

We also offer Collagen Induction Therapy, another physical treatment. As the name implies, this treatment stimulated the body’s collagen production, which can dramatically improve the look of your scarring. The treatment achieves this by creating controlled micro-injuries to the skin by penetrating deep into the scar tissue, to improve its look from within.

Our other treatments for scar removal include the gentle yet incredibly effective Marine Peel, Intense Pulsed Light Treatment, and the Derma White Treatment, which can be used to tackle any discolouration issues associated with scarring.

Supporting Home Care Products

To truly tackle your scarring issues and achieve the best results possible, it is vital that you have a home care routine which supports the tailored treatment plan that your skin experts have created for you.

The Marine Boost Super Serum has been created by Harley Street expert and Laser Treatment Clinic founder Zaheda Hafez using her decades of experience in the industry. This nutrient-rich serum will nourish your skin and ensure that it is well-supported while recovering from your in-clinic treatments.

In order to address any pigmentation issues you are looking to improve, you should add the Ultra Light Derma White skin lightening cream to your current home care routine. Gentle yet effective, this lightening cream uses naturally-derived actives to improve discolouration issues and can be used on the face, neck, underarms, elbows, intimate areas, and hand and feet.

To find out more about our professional medical scar removal treatments, and book a free consultation, get in touch with us today!