Searching for ways to remove tattoos? Consider laser treatment

Posted on 25 Nov, 2010

Gone are the days when removing permanent tattoos was impossible. Now, different tattoos can be removed easily with the help of advanced lasers. If you want to get rid of tattoos and images which are inked on your body then laser treatment is an ideal option for you. Compared to other surgical methods, laser treatment offers great benefits such as:

  • Offers quick results
  • Relatively painless
  • No side-effects

Once you have taken a decision to undergo laser treatment to remove tattoos then you must see a doctor immediately. The doctor will observe your tattoo and then decide what kind of treatment will suit your skin.

How lasers remove permanent body tattoos?

During the laser treatment, the surgeon uses a high-tech device which throws lasers on the skin area which needs to be treated. This leads to the breaking down of tattoos into small particles or pigments. The best thing about this treatment is that it ensures that the skin cells present around the tattoos are not damaged.

What affects the tattoo removal procedure?

The time taken to remove tattoos depends on various factors. First of all, the colours which are used in tattoos play a major role in the removal treatment. Dark colours such as black and red can easily absorb lasers. This means that they can be removed easily. On the other hand, colours like orange, blue and white require more number of sessions for removal.

Even the size of the tattoos affects the removal procedure. For instance, it is difficult to remove large sized tattoos than smaller ones. Today, different lasers are introduced to eliminate various types of lasers.