Scarring can be quite a sensitive issue for some people because it acts as a reminder of a troubled past. Self-harm is not uncommon in modern society and it occurs irrespective of social background and other factors. Some people learn to cope with their habit and some grow out of it, while others overcome it through other means. Whatever happens, the scars remain.

In some cases, the scars left by a period of self-harm can become something positive. People sometimes look at those scars as a monument and they begin to act as confirmation of their strength in adversity. However, others feel that the scars represent a physical reminder that they do not wish to indulge or explain in a new phase of life.

In this event, former self-harmers can turn to modern technology as a means of finally committing their problems to the past. Scar treatment involving the use of lasers is on the rise because of the success it has enjoyed in recent years. Laser technology has a very important role to play in the medical field, especially when it comes to physical issues that go beyond the cosmetic.