Sensible tattoo decision for Kardashian sister

Posted on 14 Nov, 2011

Kardashian sister number four Kendall Jenner actually backed out of getting a tattoo for her sixteenth birthday. After a rash of female celebrity tattoos over the last few years, this non-event has become an event.

Apparently, the teenager had chosen her design and obtained permission from her parents, before deciding against it, saying that she didn’t feel 100% sure and that she wanted to wait.

The design she has chosen was to be the French phrase ‘Vous êtes belle’, which means ‘you are beautiful’.

While this is a fairly inoffensive design, any tattoo that is undertaken can be cause for regret, however subtle it may be.

Unless there is a significant reason for having this phrase tattooed, the teen could find it later becomes a simple embarrassment.

Many people now have the same problem: a tattoo may seem like a great idea at the time, but you need to be completely sure that you understand the implications. A tattoo cannot just be wiped off if your tastes change or the tattoo becomes an obstacle in your everyday life.

Laser tattoo removal is possible thanks to IPL treatments, but the process can take time, and some colours respond less well to treatment.

It looks like the sixteen-year-old has made a sensible decision.