Sex and the City actress suffers from rosacea

Posted on 25 Apr, 2012

Sex and the City actress, Cynthia Nixon has recently spoken out about her struggles with rosacea, also explaining how she mistook the first signs for adult acne. Having suffered from acne in her youth, she thought that the spots appearing on her face were down to a new phase of break-outs.

As a result, she began to use skincare products designed for acne-prone skin but found that they left her complexion irritated and dry. It was only when she went to see a dermatologist for another issue that she was diagnosed with rosacea.

She is now trying to raise awareness of the skin condition, which commonly makes an appearance between the ages of thirty and fifty, but often goes undiagnosed and untreated for months or years. As the skin condition is chronic it cannot be cured, which makes early diagnosis and effective management even more important.

One of the tell-tale symptoms of rosacea is an increased tendency to blush. As time goes on, the complexion can become permanently flushed and marked with visible thread veins. IPL can offer an effective way to tackle these symptoms, reducing redness and removing thread veins.