Should I Be Using Moisturiser On My Acne Skin

Posted on 29 Jul, 2015

Should I Be Using Moisturiser On My Acne Skin Yes most definitely, every day!

 Acne causes soreness and irritation in skin, and makes many sufferers feel very self-conscious about their appearance. Moisturiser can be beneficial in lessening the soreness and visibility of acne, but it’s vital to choose the correct type of moisturiser, to ensure your skin becomes healthier instead of being further affected by the acne.

 Our first tip is to use oil-free moisturisers and opt for a light fluid moisturiser. This may seem obvious, but whilst acne-affected skin absolutely needs moisture and hydration, it does not need further oiliness. You should look for water-based moisturisers and check carefully for ingredients which help to restore balance and oil & shine control and help with clearing blemishes and redness. And also look out for the ‘baddies’ which may fuel acne breakouts – such as coconut oil.

 Here at The Laser Treatment Clinic we also recommend avoiding thick creamy moisturisers or excessive amounts of any moisturiser. Too much or too thick of a consistency will serve to further irritate the skin. A pea-sized dollop of oil-free moisturiser should be enough.

 While avoiding oily and thick creamy moisturisers means your moisturising routine is unlikely to cause your acne to be exacerbated, there are options which actually help treat acne. If possible, use a serum or a gel based moisturizer. Acne skin needs to be maintained to help prevent breakouts and to control shine.

 On that note, we recommend choosing results above budget. Whilst everyone will have a different top level they’re willing to pay for a moisturiser, there’s more value in buying a slightly more expensive high quality one containing marine and plant ingredients, one which softens your acne woes than a slightly cheaper one which may contain many cheap synthetics and might not have any of the key benefits you need and may in fact aggravate the skin further. The more natural the ingredients the better.

 Acne can be alleviated over time by controlling stress, getting regular exercise to remove toxins from the body, following a healthy diet, and using high quality makeup and skin care products to keep skin clear and healthy and not to cause serious skin irritations.

 There are specific types of moisturisers you should use to benefit your skin.  We believe it’s good to be as careful about skincare and in particular moisturising, as you do about other skin-affecting factors.

 Follow these tips to start your journey towards smoother and happier skin.