‘Shunburn’: the new message from The Teenage Cancer Trust

Posted on 28 Sep, 2011

It would seem that people still need reminding of the sun’s damaging effects on the skin… New research conducted by The Teenage Cancer Trust has revealed that teenagers still believe that having a tan is ‘cool’ while covering up is not.

According to the research, 60% of young people don’t always use sun cream and thirty per cent of those who stayed in the UK this summer didn’t use any at all.

Worryingly, teenagers don’t seem to be worried either by the life-threatening prospect of developing cancer or by the dramatic effects that sunlight can have on the skin.

Unprotected or excessive exposure to sunlight causes a multitude of problems that can leave a person looking years older than they really are:

• Wrinkles and fine lines
• Hyperpigmented patches, known as ‘age’ or ‘liver’ spots
• Sagging skin, as collagen is affected
• Thread veins

It is so important to protect our skin, and sunblock should be a staple of any person’s skincare routine.

Sun-damaged skin treatment can work well and result in a revitalised appearance but should be treated as a fix rather than in place of future protection. So, if you’re heading off for some autumn sun, take a hint from this campaign and cover-up.