Size of tattoos and the duration of tattoo removal sessions

Posted on 21 Dec, 2010

Laser tattoo removal treatment is growing in popularity since more people are realising just how effective it is. However, many people are still ignorant about some details concerning the treatment. A common question asked is regarding the total number of time required for the process. Generally, the question revolves around two factors- namely the duration of sessions and the number of sittings required.

The duration of the tattoo removal session will vary on the nature of the tattoo. The duration of the treatment depends on the overall size and colour of the tattoo, i.e. a larger tattoo will take longer to remove.

Small and medium-sized tattoos

Small tattoos often require sessions of around two to three minutes long, whereas medium-sized tattoos could take up to 10 to 20 minutes per session.

Large tattoos

Large tattoos, especially the ones covering an entire forearm will require many sittings, which could be of up to an hour each.

Ensure that you select a good laser tattoo removal clinic when looking to erase your unwanted designs in order to obtain the best results possible.