Skin problems? Use advanced skin care products

Posted on 12 Apr, 2011

Many people face skin related problems. Acne, scars and stretch marks are some of the problems that people may have. Every individual has a different skin type so need to use a different regimen as their skin care routine.

Why should you use skin care products?
Skin is a very sensitive organ. It can lose its pH balance easily, thus causing skin problems. When you take care of your skin properly you can make sure that the skin is smooth and clear.

What are the skin care products that you should use?

Derma C – Cellular balance:
This product helps stimulate the natural regeneration of the skin. People with combination skin types and those who suffer from acne can use this product.

Aselox sebum balance:

Aselox is an astringent which does not allow acne to form, as it clears the open pores. It is also used as a moisturiser, which helps to keep the skin smooth. People who have acne problems should use this product.

Fluid H – Derma moisturiser:
This gel contains purified water and hyaluronic acid in high concentrations. This product provides elasticity to the skin and is a good choice for all skin types as it helps to hydrate the skin.

Essential skin defense:

This is a soothing cream, made from natural ingredients. Your sensitive skin feels supple and smooth. People who are prone to scarring and have sensitive skin are advised to use this product.

Keeping your skin in good physical shape is important. There are some of the different products available in the market which help you deal with these skin problems.