Coconut Oil is a magical super-food that can improve your Skin. The list of benefits goes on and on, but here are some of the most significant skincare benefits of coconut oil to your Skin…

Coconut oil is famous for being moisturising and nourishing for skin. Simply apply coconut oil to one’s skin right after you shower. Don’t rub it in all the way – allow it to be absorbed into your skin for optimal results. Coconut oil has great moisturising properties that are applied to skin regimens. Coconut oil improves the moisture and lipid content of the skin.

The secret to coconut oil’s ability to help with all of this is its incredible moisturising properties. The fatty acids in the oil make it great for cleansing, moisturising and sun protectant. It also has anti-oxidants that help heal the skin

If you’re interested in natural remedies then you’ll be interested in knowing coconut oil can act as a substitute for sunscreen. Studies have found that coconut oil may block about 20% of UV rays.

It is coconut oil’s antioxidants that make it great for anti-ageing. It helps the body prevent damage to healthy fats and tissue. Oxidation is a major contributor to ageing and coconut oil can help the body reduce the need for antioxidant intake.

Other great benefits of Coconut Oil…

Studies has proven that coconut oil is great for preventing hair damage because of its moisturising properties. Heat oil and massage into the hair before and after washing your hair. This has been (and still is) a common practice in Indian culture for centuries.

Much like how it prevents hair damage, Massage a spoonful of warm coconut oil on the cracks of your heels and then put on a pair of socks before bedtime. When you wake in the morning, your heels should be much softer and smoother

For those looking to ease the discomfort of a rash with something natural, coconut oil is highly recommended. It creates a soothing barrier and even prevents rash by keeping your skin smooth. It contains antimicrobial, anti-viral, ant-bacterial and anti-fungal properties promoting healthy skin.

If you’re bit by those terrible summer flies don’t worry. Pick up some coconut oil and get to applying! The anti-microbial actions kills harmful microbes in the infected area and helps it heal faster without infection.

Coconut oil is a wonderful go-to for people who want to relieves their dry nostrils with something natural. It’s effective, simple and smells nice. Simply take some coconut oil on cotton swabs and apply it to the inside of your nose.

Coconut oil’s antiviral properties make it a great way to heal cold sores quickly. It also acts as a pain reliever.

And finally, it is also fantastic for nails and cuticles. Just rub it in to nails and nail beds twice a day!

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