Get rid of those thread veins

Posted on 29 May, 2012

The summer weather can cause real problems for those who suffer from thread veins on their legs; the fashions for shorter skirts become something to be avoided rather than enjoyed.

Thread veins can appear for a number of reasons: if they run in the family, you will be more likely to get them too; if you sit or stand for long periods of time on a regular basis; if your skin has been damaged by the sun; if you are going through a period of hormonal change…

Although the spidery red lines are usually small, they can be extensive and are certainly visible. They are in fact tiny blood vessels beneath the skin that remain dilated and therefore filled with blood. You may be able to camouflage them adequately with concealers designed to be used on the body, but this is not a satisfactory solution for everyone.

If thread veins are causing you cosmetic problems and are preventing you from wearing certain types of clothes, then thread vein removal could have a lot to offer. The visible veins are destroyed using intense pulses of light, causing them to fade away. The treatment is safe and fast, and the results will give you back your confidence.