Is new research about to call thyme on acne ?

Posted on 09 Apr, 2012

You may have read recently about some new research that has been conducted on the antibacterial properties of the herb thyme. Several national newspapers covered the story about the findings that were presented by scientists from Leeds University at a conference; the papers suggested that the findings have potentially revealed an acne treatment that would be more effective that benzoyl peroxide.

Anyone suffering from active acne would be overjoyed by the news of an effective treatment, particularly one that doesn’t involve taking medicines that can have serious side-effects. The news may be a little premature, however, as the research is in very early stages. Tests have only been carried out in a lab and have not yet been tested on humans. It is, therefore, too soon to jump to any conclusions.

So, while we wait for the definitive acne treatment, you can tackle the acne-causing bacteria in a different way: IPL uses the heat energy from its intense pulses of light to eliminate the bacteria that can wreak such havoc on acne-prone skin. Destroying the bacteria reduces the risk of inflammation and infection, and thus also reduces the likelihood of scarring.