Why laser hair removal is a great solution for athletes

Posted on 19 Jul, 2011

In certain sports, it helps to have little or no body hair. This is especially the case in sports where speed is important such as swimming or cycling, in which body hair would cause resistance and slow the athlete down.

In other physical activities such as bodybuilding and weightlifting, a lack of hair on the body can help to show off and define the muscles. Having smooth, hairless skin is more about appearance than performance in this case, but it is very important to the participants nonetheless.

Maintaining such hairless skin can be very difficult and very time-consuming, and it isn’t something that a lot of athletes want to be spending their time on. This is why so many are now choosing to ditch traditional hair removal methods, such as waxing and shaving, in favour of laser treatment.

Laser hair removal is a quick, convenient and relatively painless way to permanently reduce the amount of hair on your body. Once your course of treatments is complete, you no longer have to keep up an exhaustive hair removal regime. Instead, you can spend your time concentrate on perfecting your sporting performance.