Many skincare products aimed at those who suffer from acne tend to be too harsh for skin that is already afflicted by a chronic condition. In an attempt to control the excess sebum that causes spots and to remove the dead skin cells that block pores, some products can literally strip the skin of its natural moisture and leave it fragile and irritated.

Look after your skin and treat it kindly with skincare products that have been designed to nourish and restore your skin:

Cleanse with Epi-A, which removes excess sebum and impurities without stripping the skin and upsetting its natural PH balance. It is ideal for acne-prone skin that can react badly to cleansing milks or gels.

Decongest, moisturise and protect with Aselox, which has astringent properties to reduce the appearance of pores, and anti-bacterial properties to help prevent the formation of spots. At the same time, it soothes and rebalances the skin, making it ideal for those who suffer from spots.

Exfoliate with Epi Peel, whose micro-granules gently remove dead skin cells, revealing the healthy skin beneath and preventing the build-up in pores that can create new spots.

Establish a gentle but effective routine to ensure you remove impurities and protect your skin, without upsetting its natural balance.