Skincare products and laser treatment – the best way to take care of your skin

Posted on 08 Jul, 2010

The introduction of new and improved skincare products has proved to be a magical remedy for many skin problems. Problems like acne scars, stretch marks and pigmentations can all be treated now. These problems can be easily sorted using laser treatments.

Different skin care products are available in the market for different problems. Here is a look at a few products to take care of your skin.


Cleansers are the best products used to deep cleanse your skin. They clean impurities, maintaining the natural moisture of your skin. Different skin cleansers are to be used for different skin types. They give best results if selected according to the type of your skin.

Derma repair

Derma repair is a skin repairing formulation made up of Rosa Mosqueta seed extract. This product is useful for many skin problems like skin discolouration, wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. Regular use of derma repair products can completely counteract your skin problems.

Stretch mark serum

Stretch marks are mostly seen in women after pregnancy, but any individual who within a short time period gains or loses a lot of weight can also have stretch marks. These are black or white marks on certain parts of your body. With products like stretch mark serum, these marks can now easily be treated.


Through pollution and extreme weather conditions, skin tends to lose its natural moisturiser. Once the moisturiser is lost, the skin starts experiencing various kinds of problems like dryness, redness and irritation. Use of moisturisers is the best option to maintain and retain the moisture in your skin.

Laser treatment

The technological era has brought the use of laser treatments. These laser treatments can quickly and conveniently remove tattoos, stretch marks and get rid of acne and unwanted hair.

Laser treatments can even efficiently treat issues such as pigmentation. Select a reputable laser surgery clinic and bid farewell to all such skin issues.