Many people around the world are affected by active acne, and it seems that more people are developing the skin condition later in life and struggling to get rid of it throughout their thirties. For those who have suffered from acne, the feelings of frustration and despair will be familiar. No wonder, then, that most acne-prone people will try anything to see if it rids their skin of spots.

The lastest craze seems to be based on snail slime… Apparently, the mucous that a snail leaves behind is designed to protect the snail as it moves over the ground. It has been attributed with wound healing and moisturising properties.

If the idea of rubbing snail slime into your face fills you with dread, there may be other options. Over-the-counter products can be rather hit-and-miss, although prescribed treatments may be more effective.

Those who have active acne and scarring from previous flare-ups could consider laser treatment combined with microdermabrasion. The laser eliminates the bacteria present on the surface of the skin responsible for infection that can lead to inflamed cysts, while microdermabrasion can significantly improve the appearance of old scars.

Laser treatment is safe and effective, and doesn’t involve hunting snails in your garden.