Some common causes of acne and how can laser treatment help

Posted on 13 Aug, 2010

People all around the world suffer with acne problems, and it is a very common skin condition which can affect people of all ages.

It is important to know the main reasons behind acne. Some of them are-

Primary cause
The primary cause of acne formation is the soaring levels of endogenous hormones. During adolescent stages of life, the hormone androgen can rise uncontrollably. Excessive sebum is produced, which clogs the pores. This causes inflammation, which leads to acne.

Some medicines may lead to an increase in androgen in the body, thus causing acne. Anti-depressants are known to cause acne in some people.

Use of cosmetics
Applying make-up on your skin and not removing it for a long time can cause your pores to get clogged, which may help to contribute to acne.

Chocolate causes acne – a myth or fact?
Though some people think that consuming chocolate can cause acne, there are no conclusive studies which prove that chocolate contributes.

Work conditions
Working conditions may also sometimes cause acne. Working in a hot and humid environment like a laundry or kitchen can affect negatively affect some peoples skin.

Laser treatment for acne is the safest method of treating acne more permanently. It is non-invasive and has very minimal or no side effects, which makes it a fantastic choice.