Some important facts about laser tattoo removal treatment

Posted on 28 Oct, 2010

Do you want to get rid of tattoos which are present on your body? If yes, then laser tattoo removal treatment is an excellent solution for you. Unlike other tattoo removal methods, the laser treatment offers permanent results within just a few sessions. If you have decided to undergo tattoo removal then consult a doctor immediately. Here are a few facts about laser tattoo removal treatment:

How laser treatment works

To remove tattoos, highly concentrated lasers are used. They help in breaking up the tattoos into small-sized particles. The best thing about these lasers is that they do not hurt the cells which are present around the ink. The small particles are then flushed out of the body by the immune system.

Who can opt for laser tattoo removal?

People with fair skin and dark coloured skin tattoos are ideal for the tattoo removal procedure. This is because dark colours can easily absorb lasers and work effectively. The location of the tattoos also affects the whole removal procedure. It has been proved that people with tattoos on their arms, legs, chest and buttocks are ideal for the removal procedure.

How long does it take to remove body tattoos?

The time frame required to remove tattoos depends on various factors such as the size and colours present in the tattoos. Generally, the tattoos are removed within four to eight weeks.

What to do after laser tattoo removal treatment?

Once your laser tattoo removal is completed then you have to take some precautions. First of all, keep the treated area protected from direct sunlight. Take proper medicines and apply lotions to achieve quick results.