Even though laser treatment technology has been around for many years now, people still carry a lot of misconceptions in their minds. Being sceptical about the process is a natural tendency but harbouring apprehension will not do much good. Some of the misconceptions are stated below.

Misconception 1: Causes damage to the skin

One of the major misconceptions about laser hair removal is that it is very harmful to the skin. This is completely untrue because the laser works only on the underlying layers of the skin. Laser treatments do cause slight redness on the skin. But this, too, subsides very quickly.

Misconception 2: They causes a lot of pain

It is sometimes believed that laser hair removal is an extremely painful process. On the contrary, all it really does is causes you a little discomfort. The gels and creams used in this process are specially used to reduce any pain during the treatment process.

Misconception 3: Laser hair removal can leave marks on the skin

Many say that laser hair removal is responsible for marks left on the skin. This is absolutely false because the laser does not tear or cut the skin in any way.

These are the three major misconceptions people often have about laser hair removal. It is, however, a completely safe treatment if carried out by an expert.