Some of the essential skincare products you should have at hand

Posted on 03 May, 2011

Skincare products are a good supplement to laser treatments. They are formulated as per the requirement of every skin type. Also, these advanced skincare products are free of any harmful chemicals that can damage the skin.

They are made using natural ingredients that are extracted from plants and other herbs. These skincare products are made with formulas that can suit most skin types without causing any allergies.

Skincare products available to the users

Epi- A Cleanser

This product cleanses acne-prone skin in an effective way. It cleans out any excess sebum and any other impurities in the skin. It is suitable for normal, combination and oily skin types. This is a better alternative to other cleansing milk or gels as it balances the pH value of the skin while maintaining the moisture in the skin.

Essential Gentle Cleanser

This cleanser is created specially for dry and sensitive skin types. It is designed to purify sensitive, delicate and dry skin and make the complexion moist and smooth. At the same time, it does not strip the skin off any natural sebum oils that protect the skin. This skincare product is good for those who face skin problems like dermatitis.

Essential Hydro Tone

This softener should be ideally used after cleansing. It comes with a moisturising compound that leaves the skin well hydrated. It treats the rough layer that gets dehydrated and suffers from irritation by softening it with its light formula. The good thing about this softener is that it is suitable for any skin type.

These are some of the specially formulated skincare products that can help you maintain the radiant and glowing complexion of your skin.