One of the most advanced and effective ways of getting rid of unwanted hair is through laser hair removal. It is becoming very popular for those with excessive hair growth or unwanted hair.

Contrary to popular belief, you can have laser treatment on any part of your external epidermis (skin). Men and Women tend to have treatment on different areas of the body: women on the upper lip, abdomen, legs, underarms and bikini area; men on the chest, shoulders, hands and back. Although these are the most common areas, do not feel you can only have these parts treated, as most clinics will treat any part of the body you request.

Facial hair treatment is becoming increasingly popular, both in women and men. Eyebrows can be shaped, beards thinned or removed altogether, upper lip hair eradicated.

If you are going to have laser hair removal treatment, we recommend that you only cut or shave the hair in that area, and do not wax or pluck them, as this can irritate the follicles beneath.

The process is quite quick and painless, as it is done using pulses of light. I patch of facial hair may take around one minute, and both legs could take about an hour.

Make sure you consider all of these factors before committing to undergoing laser hair removal.