Acne is characterised by outbreaks of pimples. Although teenagers suffer from acne most commonly, adults can be affected by the condition as well. Acne can affect any part of the body, but it is most frequently seen on the face, neck, chest and back. Severe outbreaks of acne can also leave scars.

Misconception regarding acne

A lot of people perpetuate the misconception that a poor diet causes acne. This is not the case. As yet, there is no known reason why one person should suffer from acne and another shouldn’t, although dermatologists are aware that bacteria and excess sebum are the cause of infected cases.

Healthy tips to follow

Drinking lots of water is very important, because it keeps the skin hydrated and flushes impurities out of the body. Washing regularly is good for your skin, although acne is not a sign of poor hygiene. A healthy diet can improve your immune system, limiting the effects of acne. Regular exercise is also a good idea.

Laser treatment

If none of these measures help, consult a laser clinic and opt for laser treatment. This treatment has proven much more effective than herbal remedies and topical lotions. It also offers a permanent solution to the skin complaint.