Stay away from tattoo parlours when on holiday

Posted on 17 Jun, 2012

When an online holiday booking website conducted a survey designed to establish what young British holidaymakers are bringing home with them (sounds ominous), the answers showed that the traditional souvenirs were losing favour while a whopping nineteen per cent of respondents claim to have returned from their holiday sporting a new tattoo.

Sixty-seven per cent of those who have had a tattoo done while on holiday stated that they regretted their decision; this is a huge proportion and should act as a warning to those who have not yet taken the plunge.

Getting a tattoo is a huge decision and one that should not be undertaken lightly. Entrusting your skin to a foreign tattoo artist is fraught with danger: you could end up with an infection or an unwanted design due to language barriers.

The only real option available to those who cannot or do not want to live with an unwanted tattoo is laser tattoo removal. Some people do opt for a cover-up tattoo, although this is only a good idea for those who have thought long and hard about their replacement tattoo which will need to be larger than the original design.