If you are thinking of undergoing a course of laser acne treatment in order to overcome the attacks of active acne then it is wise to know beforehand what is involved in the process. Laser treatment has proven very successful in the fight against acne and the results of previous attacks whatever the age of the patient. The following stages are involved in the treatment process.


It is important to prepare the skin. Skin must be clean before a cold gel is applied to the affected area. This helps to protect the skin during the treatment.


The application of the laser is safe and usually involves a sensation akin to the snap of a rubber band. A session is likely to be completed very quickly and patients are rarely exposed to the laser for a period of more than twenty minutes even for extensive breakouts.


Other than the skin occasionally appearing slightly reddened, there are no aftereffects of the laser acne treatment. Patients can go about their normal activities immediately after the session. Patients may undergo a series of sessions in order to see the best results.