Stop active acne in its tracks

Posted on 03 Oct, 2011

Active acne can be an extremely distressing and frustrating condition that can have significant knock-on effects on a person’s mental well-being. Its causes are thought to be complex and multiple, including stress and hormonal changes.

As these factors can be difficult to control, acne is usually treated by targeting the bacteria that are present on the skin, as well as sebum production. Spots are usually formed when pores and hair follicles becomes clogged with dead skin cells and sebum. Bacteria present on the skin can cause the pore to be become inflamed and infected, resulting in really sore, red spots.

It is important to manage active acne as soon as it flares up: if the walls of an inflamed follicle rupture, the infection contained can spill into the surrounding tissues. This can cause further inflammation and even the loss of tissue. When the infection subsides, they can leave behind scarring which take time to fade and can produce a pitted appearance.

Active acne laser treatment works on a number of levels. The laser eliminates the bacteria responsible for the infections that can be so damaging to the surrounding skin, while its heat triggers collagen production and the skin’s natural healing response.

Don’t let acne rule your life, and make sure you seek effective treatment before it does.