Stop the growth of unwanted body hair with laser treatment

Posted on 16 Apr, 2010

If you have an unwanted hair growth problem and you want to find a permanent solution for it then opt for laser hair removal treatment. Lasers offer more effective results than other methods such as waxing and shaving.

With the help of lasers, you can get rid of unwanted hair from different body parts including the arms, legs, chest, back, face, neck and so on. One of the best things about lasers is that they are also effective on large areas. In this treatment, the lasers hit the hair follicles at their base which helps in preventing further hair growth.

Working process of laser hair removal treatment

Before the actual treatment takes place, the doctor applies gel or cream on the area of skin which needs to be treated. This will help the skin to remain cool at the time of laser treatment. During the process, the lasers directly damage the root of the hair without harming the surrounding tissues.

You will find that different lasers are used for different conditions. This is because of individual differences in skin tone and hair colour. The number of sessions required also varies from one candidate to another. Once the treatment is completed, it is recommended in the immediate aftermath to protect the treated area from sun.