While stretch marks are an unavoidable part of life, you can reduce their appearance by using the right skincare products. These will make sure that the skin is adequately hydrated and as supple as possible. Women have been using such products since Ancient Egypt when they would use tree resin (frankincense) to manage their stretch marks.

Today, one of the most effective skincare ingredients available is Rosa Mosqueta seed oil. Extracted from the rosehip found growing on the Chilean Andes, this oil has some amazing properties:

• It contains high levels of essential fatty acids, vitamin A and retinoic acid;

• It can reduce fine wrinkles and pigmented spots while improving skin texture. This makes it a great skincare product for sun-damaged skin.

• It stimulates skin regeneration, encouraging the renewal of skin cells and the production of collagen.

• These properties make it an effective treatment for acne scarring and other scars. Anti-inflammatory properties also help to reduce any redness.

Our Rose E Derma Repair contains 100% pure Rosa Mosqueta extract and can be used for a variety of skin problems, from wrinkles to stretch marks.