Stretch mark removal treatment tips

Posted on 27 Nov, 2009

Stretch marks are a common type of skin condition, mostly, though not exclusively affecting women. Stretch marks are triggered due to unexpected weight gain or weight loss. Some people try to hide stretch marks using makeup and clothing, but technological progression has paved the way for solutions like stretch mark removal treatments.

One of the many skincare products that are commonly recommended for the treatment of stretch marks is cocoa butter. If you massage this or other stretch mark removal creams into the skin on a daily basis then you can prevent against the appearance of the marks. Stretch mark removal preparations containing elastin increase the level of collagen in the skin which also helps prevent scarring.

The process of microdermabrasion can help you to revitalise your skin. The procedure can smooth the look of the scars by removing the epidermis layers of skin through the controlled surgical scraping of the skin.

Another effective method of stretch mark removal is laser treatment.
The lasers help reduce the scars and eliminate their reddish tinge. The aim is to fade the tone of the marks to match that of the unaffected skin in the surrounding area and therefore restore the confidence of the patient.