Pregnant women face the problem of stretch marks after their pregnancy. Those ugly marks on the body are quite worrisome and upsetting. People who are into bodybuilding exercises are also prone to getting stretch marks on their body. Stretch marks may ruin the appearance of a perfectly toned body.

In short, anyone who has undergone sudden weight loss may face the problem of stretch marks. Even though we may try our best to maintain our body by following a healthy diet, the effects of hormonal changes always surpass our efforts and lead to unpleasant changes in the body.

Why do stretch marks appear?

They get formed when the central layer of the skin, the dermis, gets stretched beyond its limit. This leads to the breakage of the connective fibres of the skin. This leads to a disturbance in the production of collagen, eventually causing stretch marks to appear.

People rely on various lotions and creams to get rid of their stretch marks. Some of them may be marginally effective in improving the skin texture by removing the stretch marks.

Nothing works as well as laser treatment

Quite simply put, laser treatment is the best solution for the problem of stretch marks. The arrival of laser technology for stretch mark removal has been well received by patients worldwide. The results may differ as per the laser type used, the severity of the scar as well as the skin condition.