The term stretch mark refers to a type of skin scarring. These marks are caused by various bodily changes that take place during puberty, weight gain/loss in a short period of time, pregnancy, obesity and body building. Stretch marks appear when the dermis stretches more than it is able to. People suffering from stretch marks can sometimes suffer from reduced self esteem and extreme self-consciousness. Today, it is possible to get rid of stretch marks through laser stretch mark removal therapy.

Cosmetics are occasionally used to prevent stretch marks from occurring, but these preparations are no good once the damage has been done. Laser therapy, meanwhile, actually removes the scar tissue itself.

Laser stretch mark removal therapy is extremely fast and effective. During the course of the procedure, a beam of light breaks up the particles in the scar tissue, removing the stretch mark completely. When this old tissue is gone, new skin tissue fills in the gap and so the area begins to heal without leaving a mark. The skin is not burnt or cut by the laser. The skin that is left in place of the stretch mark is smooth and even.