Whilst pregnant women aren’t the only ones susceptible to stretch marks, at The Laser Treatment Clinic we do get a lot of queries from Mum’s to be and those who have just had their bundle of joy, wondering how they can remove their permanent pregnancy reminder. Whilst some women embrace their stretch marks, often women find the situation can often be difficult to manage, fuelling anxiety, depression and in some cases causing other emotional and psychological problems.

Preventing Pregnancy Stretch Marks

The cause of stretch marks simply comes down to each individual’s skin elasticity; and unfortunately, in a lot of cases, it can be very difficult to prevent them appearing. During pregnancy the skin on your stomach will stretch as your baby grows, most women will get stretch marks throughout pregnancy, but some are more susceptible.

Did you know you’re more likely to develop stretch marks if:

–       You’re a young mum (especially in your teens)

–       You put on a lot of weight during pregnancy

–       Other members of your family have stretch marks (genetic)

–       Expecting more than one baby (twins, etc.)

Pregnancy hormones soften the fibres in your skin, causing the skin to stretch and marks to appear as it does so. Stretch marks will often appear as light, reddish/pink colours around the stomach and abdomen, in a lot of cases they can fade by themselves in the months following the birth into white coloured scars, creating a permanent pregnancy reminder.

On average, most women gain between 10kg and 12.5kg during pregnancy, but this can vary depending on each individual, whilst it is inadvisable to start a weight loss campaign throughout pregnancy, it is important to eat a healthy, balanced diet and not to eat any junk food, this will help ensure you do not gain excess weight that

Treating Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Model and TV presenter Chrissy Teigen recently spoke out about her skincare routine throughout her pregnancy. Knowing that she is prone to stretch marks, she started her stretch mark routine early in her pregnancy in a bid to prevent them from worsening. There are a few ways you can try to keep stretch marks at bay throughout the pregnancy. Moisturising the skin regularly can help ensure it retains its elasticity and will not react too badly to being stretched as the baby grows.

Following the birth of your baby, stretch marks that will have appeared initially as bright red or pink lines on the skin, after a while these will fade into silvery-white thin scars.

Skin expert, Zaheda Hafez, comments “Stretch marks develop when the collagen in the skin is stretched beyond its elastic limit, causing fissuring that appears as ‘stretch marks’ in the skin. Whilst it is often advised to moisturise with a good moisturiser containing natural ingredients such as cocoa or shea butter to eliminate your stretch marks there is no scientific proof that this will help, but as skin experts, we do recommend regularly moisturising your skin to keep it feeling healthy. We offer natural skincare such as the Marine Boost Super Serum and Revitalize Marine Body Serum to help reduce stretch marks.

Laser Treatment

At The Laser Treatment Clinic, we offer industry-leading treatment for stretch marks. Marine Boost Treatment consists of an advanced peel and medical microdermabrasion treatment, a sophisticated technology using an advanced form of skin exfoliation to encourage skin rejuvenation.