Suitable skin care products for men

Posted on 22 Mar, 2011

The conventional belief is that men are not interested in skin care products as they are considered to be fanciful items mainly designed for women. The arrival of the metro sexual man, however, has thrown these beliefs out of the window. The modern male now wants a range of grooming products in his bathroom cabinet so that he may spruce up his looks.

Cleansing gels and exfoliators

The basic skincare regime for a modern man ought to include the use of a cleansing gel. Face scrubs are deemed to be superfluous skin care products for men as this action happens when he takes a shave. For a smoother touch, beauty specialists recommend the use of exfoliating agents like face masks and body scrubs along with shaving gels.


You will also find in the market a range of skin care products that are made to treat blemishes, dark spots and other imperfections that affect men’s skin. Today, it is not unusual for a man to make use of toners and similar products to improve his looks.

Scrubs and moisturisers

Most men are interested in anti-aging skincare treatments as wrinkles and fine lines are a common concern. Suitable beauty products to delay the signs of aging include scrubs and moisturisers. Shaving creams that have anti-aging properties such as Vitamins A and C as well as retinol can also be availed.

The inclusion of these skin care products in the beauty regime has resulted in men taking a longer time than women in front of the bathroom mirror. Nevertheless, for a cleaner look, it is well worth the time. Laser treatment, especially for facial deficiencies, is another popular beauty procedure for men.