Sunscreen in winter

Posted on 22 Nov, 2011

If you have packed away your summer sunscreen at the back of the bathroom cabinet until next year, think again.

It is essential that you continue to apply sunscreen regularly, even during the winter months. We all know you are unlikely to get sunburned at this time of year, but the harmful UV rays can still do damage to your skin, causing wrinkles and fine lines.

Sunscreen is particularly important when the weather turns icy or it snows. The sun’s rays are reflected back off the surface of the ice or snow and the result is an intensified exposure to the harmful UV rays.

While sun damaged skin treatment can help to improve the skin’s appearance, prevention is always better than a cure.

The Laser Treatment Clinic offers specialist skin care products, including a total block SPF 40+ sunscreen that is ideal for sensitive skins.

Unlike other traditional pigments that cover the skin and block all light, this sunscreen contains titanium dioxide. Its tiny particles allow light to reach the skin while shielding those rays with short wavelengths such as UVB and UVA.