Survey shows that nearly one in three people regret their tattoo

Posted on 07 Jul, 2012

A survey was conducted by skin experts at the Burnley General Hospital to find out what people think about their tattoos. Almost six hundred people were questioned over a six month period, and the findings are to be presented at the British Association of Dermatologists conference this week.

The survey reals that:

• Women were less likely to regret their tattoos than men
• Men were three times more likely to regret a tattoo if it had been done under the age of sixteen years old
• The most regretted tattoos are those that are found on the upper body
• Almost half of the patients interviewed had their first tattoo done when they were between eighteen and twenty-five years of age
• Almost half of them had multiple tattoos (between two and five)
• Almost one in three patients surveyed regretted a tattoo

The recent trend for tattoos, particularly amongst celebrities, has sparked a rise in the number of people getting tattoos. As these surveys shows, however, tattoo regret is also very common. Once tattoos are in place, the only effective way to get rid of them is with laser tattoo removal.