Tackling some frequently asked questions pertaining to laser skin treatment

Posted on 09 Apr, 2011

Laser skin treatment has become more common in recent times. It is a highly effective procedure that helps individuals gain quick results compared to prescribed drugs or over-the-counter creams. Mentioned below are some frequently asked questions pertaining to laser skin treatment.

What is laser treatment or laser skin therapy?

Laser skin treatment is also known as ‘Photo-bio-modulation’ in medical terms. With the help of light at specific wavelengths, laser treatment can have a dramatic effect on your skin thereby giving you immediate results. Tissue regeneration, visible reduction in inflammation and its antibacterial properties are some of the therapeutic effects offered by laser skin treatment.

What skin ailments can you get rid of with the help of laser skin treatment?

There are a number of skin ailments that you can treat with the help of laser skin treatment. Some of these common treatments include acne, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and stretch marks. If you suffer from any of these ailments, you need to get a skin test by a dermatologist and opt for laser skin treatment he recommends.

Is laser skin treatment effective?

Independent studies and statistics have proven that laser skin treatment is a highly effective procedure. The lasers target the root cause of the ailment without affecting the healthy skin. This helps eliminate future outbreaks of acne or recurrence or wrinkles.

Why is laser skin treatment better than other forms of treatment?

Laser skin treatment is a highly effective procedure with minimal side effects or risk. It is proven to be more effective than other forms of treatment for the same ailment.

If you are looking to undergo laser skin treatment, it is important to seek the recommendation of your dermatologist. If the ailment can be sorted out with prescription drugs and ointments, it is advisable to do so.