Tackling stretch marks: before, during and after

Posted on 12 May, 2012

We are all at risk of developing stretch marks if we put our skin under excessive strain; if you are worried about finding purple streaks across your stomach, breasts, thighs etc. then think and plan ahead, because you can do something about them!

• Avoid the factors that can cause stretch marks where possible: rapid weight gain or loss, excessive use of corticosteroid skin creams etc. It has to be said that nearly all pregnant women develop stretch marks at some point, so remember to keep it in perspective – you are not alone!

• Moisturise your skin as much as four times a day! A good moisturiser will help to maintain the skin’s moisture levels and keep it supple, while the act of massaging it in will also help to condition your skin.

• If they have started to appear already, treating your stretch marks early will provide better results. Try our Rose E Oil for intense hydration and nourishment as well as active ingredients renowned for their impressive healing properties.

Stretch mark removal treatment can help if, despite your best efforts, they are still causing you problems. Removing the upper layers of skin through deep exfoliation can reduce the appearance of the line and improve the skin’s texture.