We only have one skin (albeit made up of many thousands of layers), so we have to look after it, and as the summer turns to autumn and the cold weather sets in, the way we care for our skin has to change. In summer we protect it. In winter we nurture it ready for the spring time and the freshness that comes with it. Take care of your skin this autumn

As the seasons turn, our skin needs to be hydrated, detoxified, nourished, and repaired after the sun damage of the warmer months. In order to keep looking your best, and to have healthy, glowing skin, it’s essential to have the correct skin care regime. Are you doing everything you can to give yourself radiant, soft skin?


Hydration is as important for the skin as it is for the body, and it is never more important than when the summer is over and the autumn starts to appear. It also helps when the chilly snap finally hits, as hydrated skin will be protected not only from heat but from cold too. The best way to hydrate? Moisturise! The Sea Collagen Marine Serum from The Laser Treatment Clinic is a revolutionary product that not only instantly refreshes your skin, but with use over time will keep you looking soft and supple with a healthy looking glow.


It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, your skin will always end up covered in invisible grime. Exfoliating every day means that you can scrub away this blemish making muck and leave your skin as natural as possible. For really great results, why not try the Ultra-Smooth Sea Polish exfoliant? Not only does this formula remove dead skin cells, but it also draws out impurities from the skin, leaving you with a smooth and enviable complexion.


Once your skin is hydrated and cleansed, you need to ensure it is protected throughout the winter months. A simple, regular skin care regime is the best way to keep your skin clean, fresh, and healthy. The Marine Gift Set from The Laser Treatment Clinic contains everything you need to give yourself a new season make over. Plus, with just five components it is easy to use and not a burden to go through every morning and night.

The ideal daily skincare regime starts with a deep cleanse and exfoliation, a good moisturiser, and a renewing day (or night) cream. Once you have these items on hand, you are ready to face whatever autumn wants to throw at you, and you’ll be facing it with glowing, radiant skin.