Two mobile phone applications that promised effective acne treatments have been denounced as ‘baseless claims’ by the Federal Trade Commission. The apps were claimed to be based on light therapy, and were said to deliver treatment that would improve the skin condition.

Unfortunately, it would appear that many people believed the claims. Acne can be an incredibly frustrating affliction, and those who suffer from it are willing to try many different treatments in a bid to rid themselves of the unsightly spots and scars.

While the ‘light treatment’ offered by the mobile phone apps is apparently ineffective, laser treatment can significantly help sufferers. The laser can be used to treat active acne, by gently heating up the skin and eliminating those bacteria responsible for the inflammation and infections that can be so damaging.

Scars can be reduced by using a combination of microdermabrasion and laser therapy. Acne tends to result in atrophic scars that have a depressed or ‘pitted’ appearance. The microdermabrasion acts by removing the damaged superficial layers of skin and revealing smoother, healthy skin. A laser treatment is then used to encourage the production of new skin cells and the collagen that is necessary for healing and elasticity.

While it is discouraging when new treatments are discredited, there are procedures that work and that can get acne firmly under control.