Taking care of acne-prone skin

Posted on 20 Jan, 2012

It can be incredibly disheartening and frustrating to find your skin covered in crusty pimples and pustules, and the temptation to pick and squeeze them can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, doing this can cause existing spots to become infected and inflamed, thus increasing the risk of scarring.

Acne-prone skin needs to be treated with care, using gentle products and techniques that will not further inflame the condition. Here are some tips for helping your skin cope with acne:

• Clean your skin morning and evening with a gentle cleansing product that is specially formulated to prevent stripping the skin of its natural moisture. There is no need to clean your skin more often than this, unless you have been engaging in strenuous exercise.

• If your hair is greasy, wear it tied back to keep it away from your face or wash it daily. Avoid wearing caps or hats that cover your forehead.

• Avoid touching your face with your fingers, and do not pick, squeeze or rub your active acne. It can only make it worse!

• Pay attention to the products you use on your face. Some creams may be too oily for your complexion, while some cosmetics may block pores, thus increasing the possibility of further imperfections.