There are many reasons to get a tattoo; when you feel strongly enough about someone or something to want a permanent reminder branded into your skin, you probably feel that the sentiment is just as permanent and unchangeable.

Unfortunately, life does not always work out that way, and time can leave you embarrassed and regretful of your decision. Old tattoos can become a barrier in your professional, social and even romantic life.

Laser tattoo removal offers you a chance you do not often find in life: the chance to erase the past and start again. It is not like waving a magic wand, and depending on the tattoo the process can be lengthy and uncomfortable, but it can allow you to return your skin to a normal appearance.

If you are haunted by an unwanted or unpleasant reminder of the past etched into your skin, it is important to do something about it rather than let it hold you back. There are various options available, although they provide varying results. Some try creams, while others opt for a cover-up tattoo, although you should remember that this will usually have to be larger and darker than the original!