Tattoo removal can allow a new start in life

Posted on 21 Jan, 2012

A former white supremacist in New Zealand has sparked a debate over the funding of tattoo removal following his own removal treatment. The man, who had the word ‘skinhead’ tattooed across his forehead while in prison, has received donations from various sources, including a local radio DJ in order to get his offensive tattoo removed.

The DJ who made the donation has defended his decision, saying that the tattoo removal has allowed the man to pursue professional development and has helped him gain employment, making him a useful member of society.

The views he once held as a young man are no longer representative of who he is now, but keeping the tattoo would not have allowed him to move on and make the necessary positive changes to his life.

The DJ has said that he received threats and strong criticism following his actions but has stated that he would do the same again a hundred times over if he could, and that the positive reports from the ex-skinhead’s new employer confirmed he had made the right decision. People do and can change, and when a tattoo could prevent someone from changing their life for the better, it has to go.