Tattoo removal has become very important

Posted on 05 Nov, 2009

Fashion blunders are frequently seen in the world of celebrities but when a tattoo mistake is made, the effects are permanent. Many celebrities choose to tattoo their partner’s name or a particular symbol. But if that relationship breaks down or if they simply don’t like the tattoo any more, this can create problems.
But celebrities can now get rid of these permanent tattoos with the help of laser tattoo removal.

The famous US rapper, 50 Cent is known for his superb songs as well as his tattoos. His real name is Curtis Jackson. But being a hip-hop singer, tattoos suited his image. However, when he chose to make an entry into the film world, he had to look different. In order to match up to certain roles, he had to remove some of his tattoos. These tattoos were very difficult to be hidden with makeup.

Thus, he underwent laser tattoo removal treatment and got a few tattoos removed. He still has the South Side 50 tattoo on his back. Removing the other tattoos won him roles in movies like “Twelve” and “Jekyll and Hyde”.